Final Results of Leaderboard Season 6

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The final result of season 6 leaderboard is here!!! But before we announce the final results, we would like to share some interesting facts about season 6.

The total of players that played in season 6 are 349 players, which brings to an average of 29 players per league. Let’s try to beat that number for next season!

Once again, we would like to recognize five players with perfect attendance for season 6 (we had none last season, and two players with perfect attendance for season 4. Am unsure about first three seasons). Congratulations to Varma Gottumukala, Hendri Argo, Carley D. Carbin, Grace Minter, and myself for perfect attendance for season 6!

Now for top ten of leaderboard for season 6. Where do we get money for leaderboard? $1.50 is taken out of each player’s league fee ($10) for leaderboard prizes at end of the year. This year, it is totaled to $523.50, but the club will donate $0.50, thus making it $524. The top ten payouts are based on PDGA payout chart. So without further ado, here are the top ten players along with their cash prizes:

1st place: Nathan Boyes ($136)

2nd place: Mark Ferenc Farr ($94)

3rd place: Clint Dickinson ($68)

4th place: Varma Gottumukala ($53)

5th place: James G Wilson ($42)

6th place: Jaxon Dingel ($35)

7th place: Hendri Argo ($29)

8th place: JJ Bailey ($25)

9th place: David Harvey ($22)

10th place: Adam Jarashow ($20)

Congratulations to Nathan Boyes for winning season 6! Best of luck to everyone for season 7, and please remember that all of you can make motions to make any changes to our leaderboard system as you see fit at next general meeting. Thanks to everyone for a successful season!