Handicap scoring on California School of the Deaf (CSD) course explained:

Hello everyone!

This video is to clarify about how handicap scores for CSD disc golf course would work. This is a new idea, as we passed a motion to set up handicap scores for ONLY CSD disc golf course last spring. The video will explain how it works, but basically, we will give you 6 chances to play at CSD (possibly more) before we will officially start hosting HC league at CSD (will be once a month). You will need to play at least two times in order to receive your HC score for CSD dg course. FYI- this won’t affect your leaderboard and money is not involved at all. This is just to give us HC scores for CSD bagtag throwdown, so all of us will be at even playing field. Watch video for more information. If you don’t understand, then just let me know and I will explain more.

Tomorrow (Saturday) will be second day of playing bagtag throwdown at CSD for handicap. The next dates to get scores for handicap will be Oct. 13 and Oct. 14. The dates after that will be announced later.